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His power working in you

Did you know that when you placed your faith in Jesus and committed your life to Him you were called out of a normal life and into a life of supernatural purpose and impact?

I’m convinced that our lives were never meant to be normal. They were meant to reach beyond the natural and into the supernatural purposes of almighty God who’s working in us as His people!

I was reminded of this new and afresh as I stepped up to preach last Sunday tired and worn out from being sick and travel. There wasn’t much of Jordan that wanted to be there if I was honest. There wasn’t much power from Jordan present on that stage. But that’s okay.. because i’m not very strong. Im pretty normal. As I did my best to be obedient to what Jesus has called me to do (preach the gospel) Jesus stirred supernatural power in me and many people were awakened to the love of Jesus. One of them is named LaCrissa. She gave her life to Christ and baptized 15 minutes old in Jesus. She is not the same. She told everyone she wasn’t the same!

I share this to remind us all that Jesus wants to accomplish eternal and great things through each of us each day through His power that resides in us.

When your: At work! At School! At home! At Lunch! On The phone!

A life of simple surrender and obedience is a life of eternal significance when God’s grace is involved.

Regardless of how strong or adequate we feel, God is using our lives as we life for Him.

Philippians 2:13 New Living Translation (NLT)

13 For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

  1. Surrender to the one that wants to work miracles through your life. Remember that life with Jesus is not ordinary, its extraordinary.

  2. Remember its not about you, its about His power working in you.

  3. Trust that as you live surrender to the ONE, His grace on your life is able to make your life matter in ways we could only imagine.

Meet LaCrissa…. 🙂

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