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The Lefty

I was reading judges chapter 3 yesterday and I came across something that I had not seem before. There was man named Ehud who was raised up by the Lord to lead the people of Israel during a time they had strayed from God. Now the bible says that he was a left handed man.

I have never heard of any reference in scripture where the bible referred to what the dominant hand was on any given individual. I found this odd actually. I was praying about this very little detail and why it was in the word when the Lord reveled something to me.

“Its not the things that you do like everyone else you will be remembered for, nor are they the things you will impact the world with.”

See, it was uncommon for a man to be left handed in those days. According to some in was not a good thing either. But see his “oddity” is what the Lord used to bring down another corrupt and hard ruler. The Lord used that unique characteristic to fulfill a purpose. Him being left handed enabled him to sneak in a weapon and kill a cruel ruler. He would not have been able to do that otherwise. I think more often than not we as people attempt to conform to what the general rule would be on any given topic. Whatever the most popular thing is to be like or look like, we do. There is such a great pressure to be like everyone else and fit in, that we lose and suppress our God given individual talents and traits that God wants to use in our lives for a purpose.

Eph 2:10 speaks of us being created in Christ for a purpose. If we are created in Christ for a specific purpose, then we are going to be created with specific physical, character, and personality traits. Things that are unique to who we are. Its time that we embrace those things instead of attempting to conform to what “everyone else” is.

I want to be who I was created to be, as I seek to be more like Jesus.

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