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An appeal to the people who claim Christ: Don’t see 50 shades of grey or practice what they pr

I know going into this post that many are going to disagree with me. That’s fine.

We live in a world where sex and Christianity never seem to intersect. I’m convinced that most people don’t believe that sex was indeed, God’s idea. Let me break the news for everyone today… IT WAS GOD’S IDEA. He created SEX. And by the way sex is not just meant to produce babies… it’s meant to feel really good! God created our bodies to experience the euphoria when engaged in the beautiful thing He himself created called sex!  Now that we got that out of the way…..

Just like everything God created there has been and is currently an attempt to pervert what God intended for sex! To pervert simply means to corrupt or to altar somethings original intent or course! Welcome to what we are seeing with sex!   It’s not new by the way... Jesus lived in a culture littered with orgies and sexual misconduct. Actually, Jesus earthy cousin John the baptist was killed for pointing out that Herod (a local ruler in the time of Jesus) shouldn’t be sleeping with his sister in law! Oooops.

God created sex to be beautiful. An act of two people joining together in a way that blurs boundaries and intertwining the souls. A beautiful act meant to be enjoyed only in the context of marriage. (Gen 2:24, Mark 10:8-9)

My intent here is not too address sex as much as it is to speak to the BDSM fad... the sex lifestyle boldly featured in the book series and new movie 50 shades of grey.

I’m NOT OUT HERE saying you’re going to go to hell if you read the books or watch the movie. Label me if you want too but I want to make that clear! I am a lover of God and believe He is a lover of people! I’m asking you to check your spirit and question what has become a problem in the world and the church!

Im told 50 shades of grey is one of the top grossing rated R movies of all time already. Breaking online sales records through the online ticket sales company fandango. It was the fastest selling paper back book series in history and sold over 1M copies on amazon kindle alone.

The entire theme is based around a women in a relationship with a billionaire playboy that wants to dominate her sexually in a way that inflicts intense physical harm to her body while he does it. (Which BTW he has done with over a dozen women before her)

It’s been said “50 shades of grey” changed the way women consumed porn. And I agree.  Yup… I said it.

In no way does this book series or sexual practice communicate real love, respect, or healthy values, that bring any life or substance to the people that watch or participate in it.

Common BDSM practices include beating, choking, dressing, cutting, cuffing, the people that you engage with sexually! This is all the rage in the porn world by the way.

Of course this goes against everything the scriptures teach us concerning honor, guarding, protecting, and valuing your sexual partner in life! Col 3:19, Eph 5:25, 1 Cor 7:5, Hebrews 13:4, Eph 5:28 (many more)

It wages a war on the value of women and reduces them to slaves and sexual objects, which scripture confronts directly! 1 Peter 3:7

It wages war on God’s heart that we be self controlled and reserve sex as an act for husbands and wives to passionately enjoy in marriage!

It wages war on what love really is... Don’t tell me you love someone when you hurt them to gratify your own desires. Love takes a blow for someone… not delivers it to them!

Not even to mention the fact that BDSM traces it’s origins back to occult practice and worship…..

I’m appealing to those that value health and safety for women… don’t participate in promoting something that degrades women and encourages violence towards them! Its already a big enough problem with 1 in 5 collage women reporting rape in America! (One study showed 1 in 3 collage men claim they would force a women to have sex if they could get away with it!) STAND UP PEOPLE!

I’m appealing to those that value true love.…. don’t participate in something that promotes sex as a disgusting power play that reduces people to creatures to be dressed and beaten while violently sexually engaged them! Like somehow that is love…. The worst part is that many are conditioned to feel love when this is done to them! Love should ALWAYS bring life! STAND UP PEOPLE!

MOST OF ALL… i’m appealing to those that claim Christ as Lord…. Stand up and value people as created in the image of God! Value and protect the holy act of sex in marriage! Stand up for vulnerable women and purity towards them! RISE UP in dedication and love for God and don’t conform to the “lesser than” version of sexuality that brings destruction dishonor.

But before you dismiss me as a sheltered pastor boy, I want you to know that my appeal is birthed out of a place of healing and authority. See, not only do I have the authority of God’s Word regarding what brings life to people in regards to sexuality … But both my wife and I bare on our bodies the 100’s of scars in part caused by the lifestyle and bondage promoted in the books and movies brandishing the title “50 shades of grey.” Its one of the many things the love and power of God brought us out of. We have a message!

One of satan’s great tools to enslave people is broken sexuality!

Please say NO to this trap and avoid the pain and deep scars!

Jesus paid for freedom for the sake of freedom! Don’t return to bondage!

Jesus submitted and bore the stripes and punishment for the sin of the entire world already. No one else needs to be beaten or bleed.

Don’t see this movie or read the books and in doing so endorse what it stands for… Take a stand with me for what is pure, wholesome, and holy. Let’s together HONOR GOD WITH OUR LIVES!

If you already have… let’s seek repentance, receive forgiveness, and ask God to give us a lens change towards sex. Like everything in life, it’s beautiful when it’s done right.

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