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Count it all as loss…..

Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ—Philippians 3:8

How often do we walk through life as Christians with a mask on. We come to church and go to work and still we never let on what and who we really are. We hide our fears and we hide our shortcomings and we act like we don’t have any issues that we are dealing with. We act like our faith never gets weak and that we don’t need the help of other people. How many times have you NOT been alright but when some one asks how you are doing you say “great man, I’m doing fine” when you are not.   This is something that was placed on my heart today and I feel it has such relevance.

I know I am so guilty of this at times. We don’t want to be open. We don’t want to let anybody look inside of us and know what is going on in the deepest parts of our hearts. The root of this is we have placed what man thinks of us above how we are doing with Christ. We so want people to think we are OK that we are willing to not get help, to not let some one in and just let ourselves remain poisoned. I had a great friend who was on fire for the Lord at one time, called to the ministry and awesomely gifted in tons of ways. One day he just up and left the church and he is a bartender now, far from God. Oh how I wished he would have sought help, that  he would have told some one he was not alright.

I have a question for everybody and this is one I have been asking myself. “What would God say about your relationship with Him if some one asked God that question directly”. Maybe people would say that you are on fire for God, or that he/she serves the church faithfully, or gives lots of money or whatever. But what would the Lord say? Would he say that you are in Him and He is in you?

Where does God stand in your life. This is the most important question that any one person can ask themselves. Does everything else pale in comparison to your wanting to know Jesus. Do you have a desperate longing to know and have revelation of who Jesus is and what he has for you? Paul said I count everything as loss in comparison to knowing you. Nothing else in this world matters but you, Jesus. Can we say the same today.

Are you hiding or do you have peace? Do you want things or do you want Jesus?

Even Jesus collapsed under the weight of what he was called to do. Who are we that we should think that we do not need help along the way. God always places some one there to help you.  If you are struggling today, talk to some one who loves you and loves Jesus. Confess anything you may need to confess. Let whatever you may be hiding fall away. Anything in your life that is more important that Jesus, Put it in its place.  Find your peace in God.

Only when you do this will you truly see Jesus. Only when He is central does he manifest himself fully. Count it all as lost friends, for the sake of Jesus. He is so worth it.

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