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Get Radical

I was thinking about life today, now there is a thought huh? But then I started thinking about faith as well. Then I started thinking about how often those two are not merged together in nearly the way they should be.

If I could pinpoint one thing that plagues a world full of the most radical generations to ever walk the planet it would be apathy and compartmentalization. Living your life and then sectioning off moments that we focus on God. So many live there lives this way. Many think that just being alive is a gift from God and never seek anything more than the gift of a new day of not being dead.

We were never meant to live a life that could be lived outside of His help. Obviously the simple fact that we are sucking air and woke up this morning means that God is sustaining us just as He sustains all other living things on the planet, and this is a blessing. However, i’m referring to a much more missional sense of the term LIVE.

Many believe that God has a plan for their life but we somehow think we will be able to walk it out without His divine intervention. To live out the calling God has for you will require you to walk through life with Him. Trusting Him to come through in situations that seem to be impossible. My bible says in Eph 3:20 that God is able to do more through us than we could think or imagine.  If that is the case then He will lead us to places we never thought…or even imagined we would go, right!?

When is the last time you did something that was so huge that if God didn’t come through on your behalf you were certain to fail. When is the last time you, by faith, stepped out, and with only the promise of God walked into what He has for you. When Jesus left earth He said he would send the Helper, the Holy Spirit, to be with us and having Him would be so awesome that it would BETTER than Him (Jesus) being here. When is the last time you needed help. When is the last time you needed council let alone The Counselor.

I have spoken with many people that don’t feel as close to God as they want to. They tithe and go to worship services, and serve on a Sunday and/or a Wednesday, and all of the things we do (which are good things!!) but they want something more. The reality is they desire to walk through life WITH God. They are desiring a partnership with the Spirit in every day life.

Some one once said that to Stay desperate for God one only needs to stay aware of the massive amount of needs around them, and to stay aware of there inability to meet them without God. Evaluate your life. What have you and God done together lately. What needs have you met with His help. When was the last time you stepped out in faith and obedience to meet a need or love someone in such a way that if God didn’t help you wouldnt be successful. When was the last time you prayed for the sick? When was the last time you have heard His voice directing and guiding you.  When was the last time He has shown up and moved in a supernatural way in your life and the lives of those around you because of the way you live your life. That is the life God desires we live. We cant see the supernatural purpose of  life unfold without living it on mission with the supernatural one. You and I were made for more. Many would call that radical, I call it bible! So let’s get radical.

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