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Growing while you seem forgotten

On Fathers Day this year I preached a message God had given me about the power of planting Spiritual seed into the lives of your kids. To illustrate this message I took a big pot of potting soil and plantws seeds in their during each service.. bringing home my point that we are to plant spiritual seeds into our kids’ lives. After Sunday was over this pot was apparently just placed in a storage room backstage and forgotten about.

Well…I came in alone to pray the other day and opened the storage room on the side-stage to find this….


No Water… No attention.. forgotten about in the back room… these seeds took root and began to grow towards the light… into something beautiful that would eventually be fruitful (beans).

God spoke to my heart that He often does this same thing in our lives. When we feel: Forgotten, dry, and alone He is bringing growth to our lives… letting us rise out of the dirt towards His light.

Your situation is not the end of you! Even if no one is with you… God is FOR YOU and had not forgotten you! He is bringing you out of the dirt and into His light! Trust Him.

-Pastor Jordan

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