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Progress-CFC North

We are seeing so much progress when it comes to CFC north. God is so faithful and I cannot wait to be able to share the details of the progress we are making with you all. I have received good report after good report when it comes to the progress and the development of the plans we have set in motion.

Jesus said “I will build my Church, and hell don’t stand a chance against it”. Because Jesus promises to build his church, we know that He will. However, it still does not dumb down the amazement of seeing Him do it. We will be launching CFC north on April 24th 2011. I’m in awe of the goodness of God.

I was driving to Boise this morning and I saw one of my favorite scriptures on the highway evangelism electric billboard sign that reads, Call to me and I will answer you, and I will show you great and mighty things that you never knew. Jeremiah 33:3.

There has not been a group of Christians that has been successful in reaching this portion our city in many many years. The Churches are closing or dying, or leaving for better parts of the city. But this trend is not a reflection of the heart of God nor is it an indication of Gods inability to impact a city.

As I was mulling over this scripture in my mind I was thinking about a house on 1st Street North that I knew about years ago and the people living their would constantly prostitute their children (daughters) for Drugs. I thought of another family I used to be acquainted with that lost a member of the household to a drive by shooting while I was next door. I thought of another family that had daughters that would prostitute themselves for drugs over and over again, an act that was looked down upon even by the drug culture. I thought of another that would sell their food stamps for drugs. I thought of all those I knew that were in bondage to addiction. As I began to think of all of the pain I know existed and I know still exists, I began to wonder why the Church of Jesus Christ has failed in this area of our city.

When Jesus ascended to heaven He left us the charge of taking the world in the power of His name. Its time we called on the name of Jesus and saw the north side changed. Its time we called on the name of Jesus and walked with Him as His church WINS the battle. Its time a group of believers stay’s and we fight to see the precious people of the north side come find rest and peace in the arms of  Jesus. This city is our responsibility. We are making progress. We will see His kingdom come.

We haven’t launched yet, but i’m already addicted to seeing the will of God manifested on the North side. CFC North!

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