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Serious Jesus Sh**..(bleeeep)

Its my great honor and privilege to Pastor and lead the North Campus of Christian Faith Center. I feel like I have the best job in the world in that God has not just called me to any church, He called me to serve and lead my home church. Amanda and I are fiercely committed to seeing Gods vision for this house come to pass not just because it is a apart of us and we believe in in it fully, but because it this is home.

Anyone who is a apart of the CFC family would know that we as a church are committed to going after the people no one else wants. The least. The low. The hurting. People like me when Pastor Monty welcomed me into the CFC family. To us is granted the right to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Every once in a while God will allow us to get a glimpse that we are on the right track as a new campus. Yes, we are growing. Yes, God is moving. Yes, we have passion, vision, and momentum. But those things do not necessarily mean everything. Are we reaching the people God has called us to reveal Jesus too?

A little while ago we had a new gentleman visit the church. He was going through a ruff time and needed Jesus. When asked how he enjoyed being a part of the church that Sunday he said…Oh man. There is some serious Jesus Sh** going on in there with you guys. He gave his life to Jesus that Sunday.

Soon after that when getting feedback from another brand new guest I was told “F*** yah! This place is awesome!” Another very ecstatic new follower of Jesus. (He apologized to me afterwards and is working on that) I love this guy so much its silly.

People are not perfect. Church people certainly are not perfect. As a matter of fact be leery of any church where everyone seems perfect. I believe in discipling new believers to in the power of the Holy Spirit, walk like, talk like, and be like, JESUS. But no one starts there. We have to be able to meet people where they are and love them way too much to leave them there. I am surrounded by a wonderful church and ministry team that has that very attitude and mindset, and for that I am grateful!

After all we have seen Jesus do in the last year and some change I could not be more full of anticipation that I am now. I pray we never quit seeing new people put out there smoke and come inside for service. I pray we never have a end to the flow of people that still let one slip every once in a while. This is the call of God on our house. That the LOST and HURTING would find a place to come home and be embraced by the arms of the father. Our greatest days are ahead of us!

Love y’all!


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