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The Helper

We have made so much progress towards launching CFC north! We have secured the facilities, we have bought equipment, we have hired staff (some of the most amazing people), we are gearing up for marketing and outreach. So much is going on right now it is amazing.

As I sat and thought about all that was happening,  my heart started to cry for the Holy Spirit to move in power in our city.

Unless the Lord builds the church it will fail. Unless the Holy Spirit moves no one will get saved. All that it done will be in vain without the power of God moving on what is being planned. Bondages cannot be broken, lives cannot be changed, families cannot be restored without the Lord. He is the X factor in everything we do.

I find it very humbling that God promised us that He would use us to build His church. Very humbling that He said as we live our lives for Him and draw near to Him He will move on our behalf. Jesus told us after the resurrection, before he ascended to heaven, that it was better He go because of who He would send. The Holy Spirit. The Helper.

In my opinion the most tragic thing I see taking place in the lives of many Christians is the fact they are unaware of there very present help.

In every venture of life, we have a helper. The Helper actually. The One who lives in us. The one gives us strength and favor. Just remember that as a Christian you are not left to anything alone. Like a good Father He does not leave us orphans but sends the Holy Spirit to walk with us, lead us, enable us, empower us, tear down barriers for us, and cause us to be victorious.  Nothing you are going through in life, you go through alone. Remember the Helper and ask Him to be the difference in your current situation.

My prayer today is that the Spirit of God would move in power on our city, that He would move in power in your life, and that you would reach out for the Helper in the situations you face today. Your not an orphan, if you know Jesus you are  a son or a daughter of almighty God, and that means something!

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