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Where are you headed?

I was thinking this morning about the absolute fragility of  life. My friends daughter was in the ICU for the last couple days because her neck just randomly started to swell and they ended up having to remove an abscess that would of killed her if they would have waited another day. We have been praying hard for this little girl and she is doing fine now.

We are never promised tomorrow and contrary to popular Christianity today we are never promised that we will not experience things that will rattle us to the core. As a matter of fact we are told that we will. Faith grows in the dark hard places of life. It grows during the times that hurt us and scare us and make us cling to Jesus. What you lean on determines how strong your stance is. One thing that will never change is Jesus is the rock that we can cling to, that we can lean on. He doesn’t fail us, leave us, desert us, or let us go.

Nothing in this world lasts, it was meant to pass away you know. Nothing we can pursue will last unless we pursue Jesus and His purposes for our being here. Everything else will end in ruin, eventually.

Our God is the God of a fresh start. He gives us a new day every 24 hours and a new year every 365 days. He is the God of the fresh start. Use this new year as an opportunity to evaluate where you are headed in your life. Are you going somewhere beneficial. Are in in the will of God? Are you where you need to be with God? Are you walking in what the Lord has for you to walk in? If you are headed towards Jesus and walking in His will for you, He is like the anchor that grips the foundations of your heart in times of trouble and hardship. The world could fall apart around you but knowing you are in Christ and His will makes you stand when everything else falls. When you lean on Christ nothing can push you over. Be unmovable this year and make an impact for Christ. I am confident that Christ is doing a great thing on the earth and that His desire is for this year to be greater than the last.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…….( Hebrews 6:19)

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